About GF Institute

As the cannabis workforce continues to expand and evolve, we must take deliberate action to reskill, and upskill, our primary assets – our people. By creating a credentialing framework, GF Institute assists cannabis companies in developing a vibrant and motivating environment for their staff members. 

About the Standardized Credentials

The GF Institute certificates will play an important role in increasing customer loyalty and improving the customer experience as customers and stakeholder will feel more confident that credentialed employees have completed a standardized level of industry-specific training.

About Training & Education

We are a cannabis brand formed by a shared vision: bringing communities together for positive impact. To accomplish this goal, we recognize the importance of education. We have developed many projects that focus on providing resources and creating opportunities within the industry for communities and people who have been most impacted by the War on Drugs. We believe that the GFI’s mission supports and advances our shared objectives of diversity and equity in the cannabis industry.