About GF Institute

One thing that still remains to be addressed is the perception that working in cannabis will diminish a new employee’s reputation. GF Institute represents new standards in professionalism, credibility, and equity that will help cannabis operators continue to grow better businesses by grounding the work they do in the same kind of facts and best practices you’d expect to find in every other developed industry. 

About the Standardized Credentials

As more regions across the US and around the world come online with new cannabis laws, we are also seeing a lot of new opportunities for people who want to get involved in cannabis cultivation and horticulture. To meet that need, as we’ve seen in other industries in the past, standardized education programs and a common body of knowledge are among the best ways to get people new to the cannabis industry trained and skilled to operate in a variety of growing operations. 

About Training & Education

I have always believed that as the cannabis industry continues to grow, the best companies will start to realize that the path to profitability and sustainable growth is through equipping employees with the tools and knowledge to be successful. Once people begin to understand how their work impacts other cannabis professionals downstream from where they are in their position, they begin to realize how important it is to really refine and optimize processes and maintain integrity and professionalism through the entire supply chain.